Why the Salon is an Abomination

Why The Salon is an Abomination

Note: This post is all about articles that have since been taken down but read on to find out why they got me so pissed and the general craziness surrounding the publication of the articles:

The vitriol expressed in the not-so-subtle title of this post only scratches the surface of the gurgling-hot acid that begins to churn in my stomach when I encounter anything to do with this ridiculous website. It’s the Salon.com I’m talking about here. 

I know this post is giving in to the idea of all publicity being good publicity but I sat for a long time weighing the pros and cons of writing about this. It was difficult to balance the passion of my condemnation with the reality that I might accidentally generate traffic in that direction. 

However, my incessant need to whine won over the more reasonable ‘be-the-bigger-person/say-nothing/be-dignified’ side of my personality. I know too many people who stay silent about EVERYTHING. A news story could come out tomorrow about the world coming to an end, complete with scientific facts, graphs, equations, and statistics; it wouldn’t matter. These silent movie-stars would eat their own poo before actually voicing an opinion about anything worthwhile. 

Lo and behold, I like to dissociate myself from such neutrality and rant and rave like a nostalgic pensioner instead. 

(I will just call the offending website the Salon from now on so I dont have to add the ‘.com’ bit every time)

To begin with, the Salon is a very liberal site. And I mean uber-liberal. Moderate liberal I can tolerate (on occasion: when in a tolerant mood). The liberal viewpoints on the Salon, however:


Seriously. Are there really people out there who agree with this tripe? I am a lonely human in a world of robotic, brain-washed sheep.

On a side-note, let me just explain briefly why I have a beef with liberal policies at this moment in time:

Liberal policies are slowly destroying the world.

Yes, that’s right.

Being nice isn’t…nice. It’s STUPID because it assumes everyone else is as nice as you are.


There, I’m sure you’re all kinds of enlightened now. Those inspiring lines just changed your entire worldview, I’m guessing. I know, I know, simplicity is beautiful isn’t it.


back to reality.

OK, so, in reality, my scorn for the Salon is really just based on one article.

And believe me, this one article SHOULD be enough to make any SANE person reconsider their views.

It won’t, but it should.

(I am slowly, painfully, stubbornly coming to terms with the fact that people will always think their opinion is right. They will always base everything they say or do on their own personal experiences instead of an external, unwavering morality compass. This explains the venom directed towards Christianity in recent politically correct times…)

At this point, I am going to do something that really doesn’t sit well with my conscience. I’m going to (begrudgingly) link to the detestable piece of writing so you can see for yourself:

‘I’m not a Monster’


Update: Well, well, well, it looks like The Salon got a lot of heat for that article as it has now disappeared and just brings you to the search page. Very convenient. Let me see if I can dig it up using Google.

Well, not exactly, but people are talking about it being deleted and someone cleverly took a screenshot of the old article:

Salon shouldn’t have unpublished its pedophilia article (pedophilia/paedophilia, depending on where you’re from)

So my writing below seems irrelevant now. But I promise you, this thing did exist. It went crazy viral. It was unbelievably controversial. I’m not surprised they took it down. The Salon still has articles that reek of pedophile sympathizing though. Here’s one:

The pedophile I could not help: He was not a monster or a molester.

Oh, cry me a river. Poor little pervert wah-wah-wah. Anyone who softens the utterly dark sides of human nature is subjected to my most scathing attacks.

I don’t care if I’m ‘judgemental’, there is a line THAT SHOULD NEVER BE CROSSED.

And the Salon crossed it.

They made the line DISSOLVE ENTIRELY.

They distorted the line into a blurry, distorted infinity symbol.


NOT ONLY THIS, but they gave Mr. Sicko more space to express his sicko sentiments! What does he want, sympathy? Understanding? A medal? REALLY?

Here, another begrudging link to Mr. Sicko’s delusional writing:

‘I’m a Pedophile, You’re the Monsters’

Yeaaaaaaa…you’re such a victim. Where’s my tiny violin?

Oh for crying out loud that one’s gone too. This entire post is based on two articles that have been buried in the liberal lunatic’s graveyard. Oh well, let’s just pretend they’re still there so that my writing makes even a morsel of sense. Cringe.

(I am actually hating myself for adding these links, genuinely. I am only doing this so you can see the deplorable articles for yourself)

(Dead links now: my writing has lost all its power, sniff sniff)

My ears started to emit steam like in cartoons when I examined the response to Mr. Sicko’s expression of vice. Note how in the second article Mr. Sicko talks about how most of the communications he has received HAVE BEEN SUPPORTIVE.

Yes. 95% of the people who sent emails in response to his first article WERE SUPPORTIVE.

At this point, I’m left with a philosophical dilemma:

Who is the most despicable?

The pedophile?

The Salon for publishing an article that humanises a pedophile?

The imbeciles who sent Mr. Sicko supportive emails?

However, instead of driving myself up a wall with the sheer lunacy of these philosophical questions, I have opted out of rational contemplation. 

The only conclusion I have the intellectual energy to arrive at is this:

The world is officially topsy-turvy, upside-down, morally bankrupt, full of crazies; SCREWED. There’s nothing else for it: I’m taking my husband and dogs, going to somewhere that is so non-descript it doesn’t even appear on Google Earth, and living my days in a cabin. I can’t bear humans anymore. ​