Trumpet Blowing

Trumpet Blowing

This is a directive issued to trumpet-blowers all around the world. Good deeds are nice, very nice indeed. Guess what makes them even nicer? When you don’t blow a trumpet. Did you know: trumpet-blowing eradicates the goodness in the deed? 

Yes. I bet you didn’t know that. 

It makes you worse than a puppy-kicker. 

And that’s a fact. 

Yes, it’s very nice that you give money to charity. It’s all sorts of lovely that you helped that person fix their car. I especially get a nice warm feeling inside when I read your Facebook posts about how you save the world on a daily basis. I also wanted to thank you for the number of posts inciting all of your Facebook friends to be just as wonderful as you are. 

Trumpet-blowers around the world: the admiration you desire will never come to you because people aren’t stupid and see right through your shady tricks. Better to quietly help one person than to loudly help a hundred. 

On that note, I better go. I need to stop at the post office and post a cheque to missionaries in Africa. After that, I don’t have any plans. Oh but wait, the next-door-neighbour just moved in; I think I will bake an apple pie as a welcome gift. Did I mention I give one thousand dollars a month to cancer research? I know, I know; it’s not enough, but I do what I can…​