The Joys of Ebay

The Joys of Ebay

I love Ebay. No, I’m not promoting them, they don’t pay me to say this or anything. I just absolutely love it. Here’s why:

The Search Filters

Since moving beyond my Ebay noob days way-back-when, I have since become something of a pro when it comes to searching on Ebay. When I first used it, I just searched for an item and clicked search. That was pretty much the height of my refinement skills. Now, however, I do many things to weed out things I don’t want. I bet you don’t know some of these. I betcha.

Sort by price lowest to highest

Yay! Cheapies.

But wait…WAIT…don’t be fooled:

Don’t just sort by price lowest to highest. Why? Because you’ll get delivery charges. Now, as an enthusiastic bargain hunter, I am often trying to get items at less than 5 dollars/euro/sterling…less than 5 smackeroons of whatever currency, they’re all sort of alike really…bar exchange rates. Anyway, if you just sort by low to high, you’ll find cheapy items that are, say 3 dollars and 2 dollars postage. Call me a cheapo, I don’t care, but I don’t want to be paying 5 dollars for an item I only want to pay 3 dollars for. CHEAPO. Soooooo…the workaround:

Step One: Sort by price low to high


Step Two:

Scroll down the left-hand side menu and depending what Ebay you use (, .com) it will have different wording (Delivery Options/free shipping/ free P& P) just tick the little box.

Now you have the cheapest items with free delivery. This means that the listing at the very top of page one is the very cheapest you can get your desired item for; unless you start modifying your search terms, i.e. making it a bit more general. For example, if you want a ‘paisley maxi skirt’ and don’t like the prices generated try ‘maxi skirt’ instead and paisley will probably pop up along the way; often cheaper. 


Sometimes when you refine by cheapies, things get all random and silly. Say you want a new guitar necklace and search using the above method: you will get guitar earrings, guitar bracelets, guitar ornaments, the works. Okay so sometimes price isn’t as important as relevance. I have been known to spend hours browsing Ebay simply because I start searching from the beginning of the irrelevant search items until I find the very cheapest that’s relevant. But not everyone wants to be this ridiculously ridiculous about it. Let’s say you’re buying a birthday present and you know what you want to get them. Usually for birthdays you don’t mind if it’s not ridiculously cheap, you just want to see the nicest results possible.


In these cases, sort by best match instead, and just make sure the delivery charges aren’t through the roof. I’ve seen items that cost 10 (given currency) and 40 for delivery fees (given currency). What a joke. I have a general rule of thumb about how much delivery costs should be, and I only ever break the rule if I just have to have the item:

Delivery should never be more than 20% of whatever currency you’re paying in.

For example, a 10 dollar item should not charge more than 2 dollars for delivery. I don’t care where it’s from.

As you can see from this silly article idea that popped into my head, I just thought I’d share some Ebay search tips with you all. I have more, but hey…I’ve bored you for long enough.

Did you know that the cheapest items are almost always from China? It’s probably unethical or something, but hey, see no evil, right?

Gotta love Ebay.​