Removing Residency Conditions

gillpill1985/ August 29, 2017/ Resident Alien/ 1 comments

So, today me and my husband started to research removing the conditions on my green card. This process isn’t the same as applying for citizenship. It’s kind of like a bridge. When you have held a green card for two years you have to file a form I-751, ‘Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.’

This administrative nuisance doesn’t seem to fulfill any purpose. Green card scammers who married so they can stay in America aren’t affected, so long as they can cry good alligator tears. All you have to do to keep your resident alien status is make like you really loved them and things just didn’t work out with your American citizen husband or wife.

Thus, it doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent for dreamers who break hearts for breakfast. It seems to be just a way of checking up on the comings and goings of a legal immigrant. I suppose that’s understandable.

So, because I received by green card in June of last year, I have to file this form by April next year. This is because you have to file it within 90 days of the expiry of your card. When you first get a green card, it only lasts for two years.

Oh, and there is the obligatory ‘filing fee’ of course. $595 for some paper and postage, and another $85 to make sure your fingerprints are still the same.

Ah, government. Gotta love it.

So, sometime next year, I hope to have a pat on the back from American immigration services telling me what I already know: my marriage is real, and I’m not a terrorist.

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