Why I Admire Law Enforcement (Part Three)

Why I Admire Law Enforcement

It’s been a long time. I was busy being scammed by a drama-queen-wannabe-new-age-guru type. Long story. I was also not motivated to write on my own site because I am paid by others to write so perhaps I had a temporary case of information overload. Who knows.

Alas, it’s time to get back into this again. Here we go.

Before you read this one, I recommend reading Part One and Part Two. They will give you more insight into the experiences of a (former) real-life law enforcement officer.

This one is shorter because I only have one memorable case recorded from my notes, but I plan to do one or two more instalments as I still have to cover serial killers.

Yes that’s right. Serial killers. My husband worked on two serial killer cases. One of them is infamous, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll have to wait for the next instalment.

Anyhow, this one is about accidental deaths. There is one very memorable accidental death that occurred when my husband was working law enforcement. Here is the scenario in present tense for clarity:

Mark is on the 10-6 shift. He finishes up and is on his way back to the precinct. At this time of the morning there is a substantial amount of traffic because people are going to work. He is driving along US1 or Highway 1, which is a divided highway (similar to what you might know as a dual carriageway or motorway). This is important because you need to envision the strip along the middle which divides one side from the other. This is known as the median (which on Highway 1 is sand with grass on it).

While driving, Mark notices a car drifting into the median about half a mile ahead. The car then flips and ejects the driver. She flies through the air and lands on the asphalt. He rushes to the scene. At first glance the woman doesn’t appear to have any injuries. However, Mark soon discovers that she’s not breathing. The victim is positioned in such a way that her face is visible and she is lying on her back. 

Mark then proceeds to place one hand behind her head and the other under her chin in order to attempt C.P.R. His fingertips go right into her brain. Instead of feeling the hard surface of her skull, he feels mushed-up brain and blood. He withdraws his hand and it has brain matter all over it. 

What happened?

Her body bounced and landed in such a way that you couldn’t see her injuries. 

Note: Florida Highway Patrol took over this investigation as they have jurisdiction over county roads. Mark just happened to be on the scene.

Can you imagine experiencing this? What a horrifying thing to witness. I actually get very emotional recounting this tale. The thought of my husband seeing this upsets me greatly.

I am still amazed at who he is everyday. Goodness, when I remember the stories he has told me, it really puts my own bad experiences into perspective. There’s no better antidote to pessimism than being married to an optimist who has seen the most disturbing things. 

As a result of gaining some insight into the reality of law enforcement, I sincerely believe that law enforcement officers in general are persons of incredible strength and resilience, and I cannot even begin to relate to how difficult their jobs must be. 

Thank you law enforcement officers for doing the worst job out there. We all owe gratitude to you.​​